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Two Day Pass

2-Day Hop-on + Hop-off - Adult 

12pm - 7pm Friday

12pm - 7pm Saturday

12pm - 7pm Sunday

Enjoy twice as many breweries with a 2-Day pass!  You will get to enjoy consecutive days of brewery hopping with this all access pass to both of the Music City Brew Hop routes (East route and West route -*coming soon!). 

Music City Brew Hop is a daily continuous loop, that stops off at 7 breweries (on average), about once every hour.  We run two different routes, an East route and a West route - which include up to 16 brewery locations over a 2-day span. 

*sorry, no refunds if your plans change. But we are happy to issue you a raincheck.

Plan for a safe ride home. Uber, Lyft, a friend, your mom.

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