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  • What is a hop on hop off beer trolley?
    Hop on hop off is as simple as it sounds. Music City Brew Hop's vintage trolley is an easy transportation option to travel around Nashville. Our beer trolley travels a one-hour loop stopping at Nashville breweries in several parts of the city. You can sign up to 'hop on' at any brewery stop and 'hop off' at any brewery stop on our route between Noon and 6 p.m. on the day of your ticket.
  • What’s included in my trolley ticket price?
    Your Music City Brew Hop ticket includes unlimited safe, reliable transportation in our vintage trolley on the day of your ticket. Whether you want to ride for an hour or all day, you can hop on and off at any Nashville brewery stop. We take the hassle out of traveling in Nashville with easy hop on/hop off access on a convenient one hour route. During your ride, your trolley conductor will share local beer knowledge, give riders a heads up on any ongoing specials or favorites at breweries you approach, and maintain a lively and and friendly atmosphere on the trolley. Our vintage trolley is just plain fun - everyone loves this unique transportation option.
  • How do I buy a trolley ticket?
    Tickets can be purchased online at any time. Music City Brew Hop is all digital - so you'll purchase your ticket online and your conductor can scan it from your smartphone as you hop on. Printed tickets can also be scanned. Want to wait? You can purchase a ticket on board the trolley when you start your trip.
  • How long is my trolley ticket valid?
    Music City Brew Hop offers multiple ticket options to suit your needs. Full-day tickets are valid for unlimited trolley rides for the date purchased during our operation tours. Two-day tickets are valid for two consectutive days. These great options make Music City Brew Hop one of the easiest things to do in Nashville when you want to explore and imbibe.
  • Do I have to get off the trolley at each stop?
    No, where you stop is up to you! At Music City Brew Hop, we like the idea of choosing your own adventure. You can get on or off the trolley at any of the breweries on our route or you can ride the trolley all day seeing the sights of Nashville’s famous neighborhoods.
  • Can I hop on the trolley from any brewery?
    Yes, you can hop on at any Nashville brewery on our loop. This is a great option for anyone staying outside of downtown Nashville. Our trolley loop covers 15 miles, so you're never far from an easy access point. Our conductor will scan your ticket when you hop on. Our one-hour circular route means you have plenty of time at each stop you choose.
  • How do I choose which Nashville breweries to visit?
    Our trolley is equipped with a reader board that will give you all the information you need to choose the right breweries to explore. Plus, our website has plenty of insight into each Nashville brewery to find what you're looking for. Our conductors are a great resource to help you choose if you want to hop off or keep riding to the next great brewery stop.
  • Can I drink alcohol on the trolley?
    No, you cannot consume alcohol on the trolley. With stops being so frequent on our route, you wouldn’t even have time! The next brewery is just minutes away waiting to WOW you with their craft.
  • What happens if I can't make the date I booked?
    No need to worry! We can provide a rain check for you to use any time you find yourself in Nashville. Contact our team to move your tickets to a new date.
  • Is there food at the breweries?
    Yes, almost all breweries on our trolley tour route serve some sort of food. You'll find all kinds of classicly Nashville dishes including Nashville hot chicken and other Southern favorites. Plus, plenty of good pub food like burgers and pizza are available at different stops. Each destination throughout your day has the kitchen fired up and ready to serve you!
  • Are kids allowed?
    Yes, kids can ride the Music City Brew Hop trolley and are permitted in the breweries. This is a family-friendly activity that everyone will love! Our team works to provide an inclusive and welcoming experience for anyone who hops on.
  • Should we tip the trolley conductor?
    Tips are optional. You are not required to tip but our conductors will happily accept tips for providing a safe and fun experience for your group. They work hard, so feel free to show them your gratitude if you desire.
  • Do you visit every brewery in Nashville?
    No. We wish we could go to them all but that's just not feasible. We've created a loop that visits several of the most popular and requested stops. To maximize your Nashville beer experience, book our two-day trolley ticket to see more of Music City's best brews! We do visit more breweries than any other Nashville tour. Plus, our trolley loop travels outside the typical tourist areas and into unique neighborhoods for a true local experience.
  • Can I rent your trolley for my private group?
    Yes, we do offer private trolley rentals for groups. Contact our team for pricing and availability.
  • How far in advance should we book?
    That’s up to you! Saturdays do sell-out pretty quickly, but our beer trolley loops are often a great last-minute option outside of that. No need for complicated coordination or strict schedules, you simply buy the ticket for the date you'd like to ride and then hop on. If you are coming to Nashville or celebrating locally with a crew, advanced ticket purchasing is suggested for large groups to ensure spots are available for everyone. This fun transportation option is less expensive, less hassle and more fun than a rideshare or picking a designated driver.
  • Can I keep items on the trolley while I’m in a brewery?
    No, the trolley is a public vehicle with no safe storage capacity. You'll need to take all your belongings with you each time you hop on and off.
  • What happens if there's bad weather the day of my ticket?
    Music City Brew Hop is a rain or shine operation. Our trolley is equipped with all-weather amenities to ensure your day of fun doesn't get rained out. The trolley has heat for cool days and air conditioning for the days the Nashville sunshine heats things up. If you still want to pick another day for your tour, contact our team to reschedule at no cost.


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